WD Blue Mobile

WD Blue Mobile

WD Blue Mobile

Trusted engineering

Built to WD’s highest standards of quality and reliability, WD Blue offers the features and entry-level capacities that are ideal for your computing needs.

EGP 1,000.00

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A modern classic

WD Blue storage is designed and manufactured with technology found in WD’s original award-winning desktop and mobile hard drives. WD Blue sets the baseline for everyday storage by consistently delivering improved performance over previous generations while successfully maintaining WD’s quality and reliability for over six generations. The difference is that our colors never fade, generation after generation.

Your power of choice

WD Blue is available in a broad range of entry-level capacities, cache sizes, form factors and interfaces so you can be sure there’s a drive that’s the perfect fit for your system. However, not all hard drives are created equally and for your applications that demand more, WD gives you the power of choice.

odel #InterfaceForm FactorHeightRPMCapacity 
WD10SPCXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm54001 TB
WD7500LPCXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400750 GB
WD5000MPCKSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch5.0 mm5400500 GB
WD10JPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm54001 TB
WD7500BPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm5400750 GB
WD5000LPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400500 GB
WD3200LPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400320 GB
WD2500LPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400250 GB
WD10JPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm54001 TB
WD7500BPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm5400750 GB
WD5000BPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm5400500 GB
WD3200BPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm5400320 GB
WD2500BPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch9.5 mm5400250 GB
WD5000LPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400500 GB
WD3200LPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400320 GB
WD2500LPVTSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 Inch7.0 mm5400250 GB

Data sheet

  • HDD TYPE - Internal (SATA)
  • HDD Form Factor - 2.5 Inch