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A/C Guard

A/C Guard

A/C Guard

Protection against:Overload
High voltage
Low voltage
Powerback surges
Ideal  for:Air conditioners
Large fridge/freezer
Max power: 16, 20 or 25 amps
Wait time: 4 minutes intelligent time delay

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A/C Guard 20A

EGP 590.00

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Appliances such as air-conditioning and refrigeration units are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by low voltage ‘brownouts’. With the A/C Guard, your equipment is protected against all power fluctuations: over-voltage as well as low voltage, spikes, surges, power back surges and power fluctuations. Part of Sollatek’s highly versatile Voltshield Range which uses the Sollatek Switcher technology, the A/C Guard switches off the air-conditioner instantly when a power problem occurs, reconnecting it only once the mains supply has stabilised.

Simple installation – complete peace of mind  The A/C Guard is easily installed by an electrician and suitable for use with all air-conditioners, including split units, as well as industrial refrigeration equipment. Once it has been directly wired between the mains and your appliance, the A/C Guard provides complete protection automatically. Choose between 16, 20 or 25Amp models to match the rating of your air conditioner or load.

The A/C Guard’s Automatic Voltage Switcher functions protect against:

Low voltage

High voltage

Power-back surges

Power fluctuations



It features a start up delay of about 4 minutes to prevent frequent switching on and off during fluctuations. The A/C Guard has a built-in microprocessor which adds the advanced feature TimeSave™ to save on down time. TimeSave™ means that when the mains returns to normal after any event, the A/C Guard checks the duration of the OFF time. If the unit has been off for more than 4 minutes then it will switch the air-conditioner on within 10 seconds rather than the standard 4 minutes. If however, the unit has been off for less than 4 minutes, the A/C Guard will ensure that it will remain off up to 4 minutes and then restarts automatically.

Circuit breaker function  An integral circuit breaker enhances the protection offered by the A/C Guard. If a short circuit or over-load occurs, the circuit breaker detects the fault and the air conditioner is safely disconnected. To resume operation, simply switch the A/C Guard circuit breaker on again, assuming the cause of the overload has been removed. The air conditioner will restart automatically after an intelligent time delay.

ModelProduct Code
A/C Guard 16A 230V92621620
A/C Guard 16A 115V92621610
A/C Guard 20A 230V92622020
A/C Guard 20A 115V92622010
A/C Guard 25A 230V92622520
A/C Guard 25A 115V

Data sheet

  • Voltage Protection - Voltshield ( Surge Protectors)